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Intern Insight: Turbine Testing at Alden Labs

During the last half of 2019, the Emrgy engineering team conducted product testing of our next generation twin-turbine module in partnership with Alden Research Laboratory. As an engineering intern, I got the opportunity to travel to the testing facility in Holden, Massachusetts and assist with data collection. The Turbine Test Facility at Alden consisted of […]

Emrgy at the 2019 CRWUA Conference

In mid-December, Emrgy’s sales team and CEO Emily Morris attended the 2019 Colorado River Water Users Association (CRWUA) Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees were very interested in Emrgy’s distributed hydrokinetic power generators, and the potential for their own canal systems.  “We’re thrilled to show many of the largest irrigators in the U.S. how […]

Emily Morris Interviewed by Bryan Mulligan on TravelSafely Radio Show

Emrgy CEO Emily Morris was featured on “TravelSafely with Bryan Mulligan” on Gwinnett Business RadioX. Emrgy is a transformational technology company that is redefining hydropower to remain the world’s most reliable, continuous, and cost-effective renewable energy resource in an energy economy shifting to distributed, intermittent renewables. The success of hydropower in a decentralized world is […]

Freeing Energy Podcast #021: Can distributed hydropower provide clean local energy 24/7 without expensive dams?

Emrgy CEO Emily Morris was featured on episode #021 of The Freeing Energy Podcast, hosted by Bill Nussey. This podcast is part of the Freeing Energy Project, which is an effort to encourage a clean energy renaissance through local energy generation. , which provides This local generation can save money, create local jobs, and produce […]

Canal Plus: These Tiny Turbines Can Turn Man-Made Waterways Into Power Plants

One company that knows all about the water-energy link is Atlanta-based Emrgy, which is harnessing the power of water flowing in irrigation channels — the man-made canals and waterways that crisscross arable land — to generate thousands of megawatt-hours of energy. Emrgy’s “micro hydrokinetic” technology might sound mysterious, but what it amounts to is a […]