Revolutionizing Clean Energy Generation

Discover how Emrgy’s hydrokinetic technology transforms clean energy production without traditional dams. Generating 5 to 25 kilowatts per turbine, this innovative approach harnesses flowing water’s energy, delivering reliable, cost-effective power while repurposing water channels for clean energy.

A New Approach to Hydro

Unlike conventional hydropower which requires gravity drop and head pressure for effective operation, Emrgy’s technology optimizes only on the kinetic energy or velocity of the volume of water flowing through a channel.


Twin Turbine Design

Twin vertical axis turbines rotate to generate optimal mechanical energy − they have demonstrated over 70% efficiency water-to-wire in a commercial environment.


Power Conversion

Mechanical energy is converted to electrical using innovative hardware and software to deliver reliable conditioned AC power.



Turbines are housed in a unique yet cost effective precast concrete box that adds ballast and acts as an anchor while optimizing hydrodynamic performance.

  • Efficient, Quality Controlled Manufacturing

    A global supply chain partnership led by GE

  • Plug and Play

    Simple installation, ready for generation

  • Seamless, Rapid Integration

    Clean electricity in hours – not months

  • Rapid Contract to Deployment

    Hydroelectric power as a product, not a project

Unique Values


Reliable Power Output

Sustainable, Renewable

21st Century Tech

Seamless Integration into Waterways

Monetize Water Infrastructure

Diversification of Portfolio

New Local Energy Generation

Long Term Asset

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