Transforming global water infrastructure into sources of distributed renewable energy

The success of hydropower in a decentralized world is unattainable with old methods.

Rather than scaling classic hydropower down, we have radically reimagined it.

/emərdʒi/ (noun)

  1. an expression of the total energy of all types that comes together to create a product or service; short for ’embodied energy.’
  2. a new technology company contributing to grid power independence by enabling customers to generate continuous clean energy in existing flows of water.

Join the Growing Number of Distributed Hydro Partners

Using innovative hardware and software technology, Emrgy delivers low-cost renewable power generation within water infrastructure — directly addressing the energy/water nexus, balancing intermittent renewables in a distributed grid environment, and abating carbon emissions globally.

Over the course of 1 year, 1 MW of power would generate:

2100 MWH/YR
7800 MWH/YR
3200 MWH/YR

We empower customers to monetize previously unrealized energy assets – without anchoring or modification to their existing infrastructure.

The entire system is removable by use of crane or forklift for simplified operations and maintenance strategies.

The modular, flexible system can be quickly deployed, and units can be added over time as the development and demand for a given site increases.

This allows us to scale a system that is customized for your specific power needs.

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