At Emrgy, we are making hydropower more accessible to millions of people around the world

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What We Do

Emrgy empowers our customers to generate on-site, clean and reliable energy from water already flowing through their system. Our robust, compact turbines can simply be placed into existing waterways to greatly offset power expenditures by generating at a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of $0.03-0.05/kWh.

  • Ultra Efficient Technology

    Our system uses a novel twin-turbine design, proprietary magnetic gearbox, and optimized EmrgyFlume™ to deliver you a portable, modular, and reliable distributed energy solution.

  • Project Optimization

    Our engineers perform customized resource assessments to determine the appropriate size, optimized spacing, and total number of units to install to maximize benefits for our customers.

  • Deployment Strategies

    After site specification, our team coordinates with local experts to ensure a seamless installation and interconnection process without any modification to your site.

Emrgy generates 2-3X more kilowatt-hours per kilowatt than intermittent solar or wind power alternatives

*The figures below are for a 1MW installation

2100 MWH/YR
7800 MWH/YR
3200 MWH/YR

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