Emrgy provides clean energy generation capabilities to the owners / managers of man-made water transport canals constituting a multi-billion dollar opportunity in North America alone. The Company’s 5-10 kW modular hydropower turbines integrate flexibly within existing waterways to generate continuous renewable electric power using innovative hardware and software technology.

Emrgy’s distributed hydropower solution embodies the same attributes that have made the wind and solar power industries grow exponentially over the past several decades: modularity and flexibility. Building upon four years of development, over $2 million in Federally-sponsored R&D funding and growing customer engagements, Emrgy is preparing for expansion and significant sales with committed municipal and utility customers in 2019.

Engineering Program Manager

The Engineering Program Manager (EPM) oversees the deployment of Emrgy’s current and future product lines in close coordination with Emrgy’s product engineering and manufacturing programs. This role will oversee the entire energy production system, including the hydrokinetic turbine technology, power take-off system, control and power electronics, balance-of-system components and grid/microgrid interconnect. Oversight will require an in-depth knowledge of the subsystems mentioned. This role will also have responsibility for the supply chain and external contractors that support deployment. The work will include customer site visitation, project design, vendor and contractor interaction and management, and general project management to aggressive deadlines.

Systems/Power Engineer

Emrgy has designed and built state-of-the-art hydrokinetic power generating hardware and is seeking a Senior Engineer to lead the design and implementation of the complementary power systems that will deliver electricity to the customer/utility. Our Systems/Power Engineer will be overseeing the electrical design of distributed hydropower systems and you must be data driven in all aspects of design & manufacturing and strive to understand how electrical and mechanical systems work together.

CFD/Product Engineer

Our CFD/Product Engineer(s) oversee the design of fluid power systems and structures, as well as perform hydrologic surveys of customer sites estimating the hydropower resource. This position plays an integral role in evolving Emrgy’s CFD and simulation program to advance and optimize hydropower system design. While performing near field & far field CFD simulations, it will be important for you to understand open channel flows, canals, conduits, stream systems, and how to design efficiently for them.