Teamer - Testing & Expertise for Marine Energy

Emrgy Inc. selected for a project in the TEAMER program supported by the US Department of Energy

ATLANTA, October 3, 2022— The US Testing Expertise and Access to Marine Energy Research (TEAMER) program announces Emrgy as one of the leading projects for working on enhanced modeling of Emrgy turbines. Emrgy, a transformational tech company whose modular turbines harness the power of water into a clean, distributed energy, is in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories to center around better results in distributed hydropower systems for the program.

Proud that Emrgy Inc. has been selected for another TEAMER technology development program in partnership with the great team at Sandia National Laboratories,” said Tom, Energy’s Chief Technology Officer. “This next set of development will enable more advanced modeling and prediction of larger distributed hydropower systems.” 

Emrgy turbines will be integrated into a canal hydraulic model to better optimize future performance and deliver greater clean electric power.


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