Partnership Strategies

Water Asset Owners– Emrgy is positioned to engage with water asset owners to fully characterize their resource and potential for energy and revenue generation complimentary to the customer. Once the technical potential for a given project is validated, Emrgy partners with EPC firms to determine best practice strategies for installation, interconnection, and monetization of power.

Project Developers / Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Firms – Once a detailed project design commences, Emrgy partners with 3rd party experts to determine best-cost strategies for staging and installation of the units depending on the surrounding environment of the project site. Interconnection strategies are also explored in this process depending on the use-case of the energy produced by the turbine array (i.e., off-grid application, grid-tied solutions for domestic vs. international grid frequencies, etc.)

Strategic Investors – We understand that solving big, challenging problems takes a village. Since conception, Emrgy has secured several million dollars in growth capital to increase our trajectory towards success. As a first-mover in a multi-billion-dollar industry, we continue to seek long-term strategic capital and technology partners to help us grow our industry presence. The flexibility of the product can be applied across the globe into various sectors where water is conveyed from point to point (i.e., irrigation canals, water treatment canals, thermoelectric cooling networks, etc.) which represents ample opportunity for different partner types and international applications.

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