About Us

Emrgy, Inc. is an Atlanta, GA based Small Business Enterprise (“SBE”) and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (“WBE”) that is pioneering a modular and compact approach to implementing new hydroelectric installations.

The designs of Emrgy’s technologies are based on a standardized cost-effective approach that utilizes both proprietary designs in the turbine and drive train combined with readily available (i.e. off-the-shelf) components to deliver a complete water-to-wire system capable of capturing most of the untapped energy on your site.

By harvesting the excess energy in water flows, Emrgy’s customers are able to utilize predictable energy production locally that can be used for on-site critical functions (pumps, backup power, control houses) and/or interconnect with the grid.


  • 2014

    Emily Morris acquired the intellectual property for Emrgy’s turbine system and founded Emrgy

  • January 2015

    Emrgy awarded $1.2M in funding with DOE’s Office of EERE

    January 2015

  • September 2015

    Deployed first pilot demonstration (2X lab-scale)

    Deployed first pilot demonstration (2X lab-scale) with the City of Atlanta in UV-disinfectant channel of the largest Waste Water Treatment Facility in Georgia, validated expected performance as seen in laboratory tests

  • November 2016

    Southern Company Pilot

    Successfully delivered the Southern Company Pilot with our first round of venture funding

    November 2016

  • January 2017

    Won Georgia’s Top Startup

    Emrgy won the Max Award for Georgia’s Top Startup granted by the Atlanta Business Chronicle

  • June 2017

    Installed the first distributed hydropower array in the US

    With Denver Water and US Bureau of Reclamation, installed the first distributed hydropower array in the US. The manufacturing of turbines deployed in this installation was aided by Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) awarded through DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO).

    June 2017

  • February 2018

    1st place at Accel-VT, Village Capital-sponsored incubator competition

    Emrgy won first place at Accel-VT, Village Capital-sponsored incubator competition centered around renewable energy technologies

  • May 2018

    Won NREL Emerging Market’s Day People’s Choice Award

    May 2018

  • September 2018

    Closed formal Series A round lead by a strategic water and energy partner in California

  • 2019

    Expanding, Delivering & Pursuing Strategic Partnership

    Emrgy is expanding our team, delivering to pipeline customers to increase market growth, and continue pursuing strategic partnerships to further both domestic and international business development strategies