• Why buy from Emrgy?

What can Emrgy do for you?

Today, our customers purchase Emrgy’s generating equipment to offset their grid energy consumption or achieve grid independence. If the client is already an electricity grid owner and operator, Emrgy enables diversification of our client’s renewable generation portfolio.

Whether you are a private company with a desire to minimize your carbon footprint or a government-owned entity required to reduce emissions, Emrgy provides a scalable solution that is eligible to meet renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and create renewable energy credits (RECs) that will only increase in value over the coming years.

Explore The Potential Of Your Resources

Emrgy has developed a proprietary database of the canal systems across the globe. Using our ranking algorithms embedded into the database, we can quickly sift through a list of potential sites to identify those most attractive for immediate development.The simple, flexible operation of the product can be applied anywhere a gravity-fed channel exists with minimum flow requirements. Placement can be in irrigation canals, channels in water treatment facilities, thermoelectric cooling, and more.

It’s Easy to Find Out!

Work in Water? Contact Emrgy to find hydro hot-spots in your region. In three simple steps, you’ll have an idea of the potential output you could achieve.

STEP ONE: Resource Assessment

Our proprietary model accurately predicts how much power you can expect to harvest from your resource. We offer this service complimentary to you as we begin our partnership

STEP TWO: Solution Definition

Depending upon your power and energy needs, our engineers size a solution to maximize lifetime value of your system while minimizing hydraulic and environmental impacts.

STEP THREE: Site Implementation Check

After confirming resource availability, our team performs an in-person site assessment to determine how to best implement the technology and develop deployment strategies to maximize your benefits.

Purchase the Way that Works for You

Emrgy offers multiple purchase options so you can easily find a plan that works for you. Our modules can be purchased as a long-term energy asset or leased through attractive financing. Our power can also be purchased directly through an exclusive agreement granting Emrgy right-of-way access for module install, O&M, and removal.

Looking for more information or tech specs? Contact us to get in touch with an Emrgy engineer.

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