• Deployment Strategies

    Easy installation and maintenance

Deployment Strategies

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Rather than constructing on-site, our plug-and-play hydropower modules arrive fully assembled. Simply lift and place into waterways with no additional anchoring or civil works needed.

  • Fabrication and Assembly

    Every device is quality-checked before shipping from our centralized facility. Read about Emrgy Product Procurement here.

  • Unit Delivery

    All Emrgy hydropower modules arrive on-site, fully-assembled, and ready for power production.

  • Integration with Existing Environment

    Our portable modules are easily installed and removed without any permanent anchoring to existing waterways.

  • Power Production

    Depending on customer needs, 100% renewable energy can be distributed for local usage or interconnecting to a larger grid.

No on-site construction work required

Product Procurement

Emrgy has strong relationships with well established and respected manufacturers around the US. Our supply chain follows a strict quality control & assurance process to make sure you get a high-performing, long-lasting product.

Our devices are based on standard designs and manufacturing practices that allow us to deliver our customers a cost-effective energy solution that is easily operated and maintained.

How to Work with Emrgy

Emrgy offers multiple purchase options so you can easily find a plan that works for you. Our modules can be purchased as a long-term energy asset or leased through attractive financing. Our power can also be purchased directly through an exclusive agreement granting Emrgy right-of-way access for module install, O&M, and removal.

Looking for more information?

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