Tapping into previously unused hydroelectric potential in new and innovative ways...

Our research into unleashing the potential of our proprietary magnetic gearbox led to a very natural market fit into slow and shallow waterways to generate electricity.  This has led to a complete packaged solution for distributed hydro that allows our customers to tap their hydro potential right where they need/use it most.  This allows for options to either consider an off grid application or to offset their energy consumption (especially in areas of high rates).  Unlike other renewable solutions, distributed hydro offers the advantage of being available 24 hours a day and is not dependent on the sun shining or the wind blowing.  

With multiple customer installations happening in 2016 we look forward to telling you more about how our solution has moved from the lab to the field.  



  • Named one of the Top 30 Emerging Technologies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Current design delivers a 10KW system; currently working with the Department of Energy to scale the technology
  • Designed to harvest energy 24/7 leading to a single device able to generate up to 200kWh in a single day
  • Paired with Emrgy's proprietary magenetic gearbox design, our hydro solution also helps overcome the compromises of conventional turbines plagued by the risks and limitations of mechanical gears